About us

about1 Dziva (Živa, Siwa)Slavic goddess, responsible for cyclic changes in nature. Her name also means “living, being, existing”.

In different Slavic tribes Dziva was regarded as life-giving force for plants and animals, the goddess of healing, having the power to awaken to life; goddess of summer growing cycle, the harvest and fertility. She is also often associated with the soil, so Slavs farmers worshiped to her especially high.


What is Dziva Krayina?


Group of scientists, managers and agrarians who have united with the purpose of the research, promotion and implementation of ecological agriculture practices.

The core of our activities – responsible attitude to the land that feeds us. Our experts are striving to prove that the environmental and scientific approach to agricultural production is as economically effective as “industrial”. Disregarding of the biological laws, the annual increase in chemical treatments, increasing the area of arable land and wear due to highly profitable crops – the way to the bankruptcy of the whole country.

Our story began with a research of the problem of reducing populations of the natural pollinators as a result of the use of the chemical fertilizers and remedies. Further – the extinction of useful entomophags. It is logical that in the short term we “came” to the need of biologization agriculture in general and to the problems that interfere its implementation.

Researches of the “Dziva Krayina” have found supporters and our mission – to unite all indifferent people for the synergy of scientific advances, investments and marketing.
We cooperate with the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and with Engineering and Technology Institute “Biotechnica” NAAS – the oldest institution in Ukraine in the field of industrial entomology, microbiology and agriculture biologization.


At the moment, we have attracted investments and launched an ambitious project – the opening of the first factory and brand Ukrainian bumblebee-pollinators – POLLINATOR FROM UKRAINE.

Our the nearest steps are an educational project on the implementation of biological pest control for small and large farms and creating of the platform for uniting all market participants of biological plant protection.

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