Aid from the Purcari Foundation

Moldova has become one of the countries that unquestionably supports Ukraine, because, unfortunately, it also suffered from Russian aggression.

Just imagine, a year ago, the Moldovan Purkari Foundation, based on the largest winery in Europe, announced that ALL profits from the sale of Freedom Blend wine would be donated to Ukrainian families affected by the war.


The director of the Ludmila-Ella Ciubida Foundation, despite the fact that she is fragile in a feminine way, turned out to be surprisingly brave and purposeful. After all, there were many obstacles on the way to the implementation of her plan.


Ludmila-Ella, not afraid, personally came to Ukraine to implement her project.
One of the priority goals was to provide Ukrainian immigrant children of categorical families from hot spots with access to stable and safe online education.


So, as part of the first tranche of the Fund, about 500 children received tablets in 9 districts of the Kherson region!

We are sincerely grateful to the Purkari Foundation for this incredible initiative, because our children are our future! Glory to Ukraine! Mulțumesc Moldovei!


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