As you wish, just to be at home…

Each of our volunteers is familiar with this stinging feeling when you hear these three letters “home”…

Because we, like no one else, understand what it is like to be the first to encounter war in your home; to live during the occupation in a city full of armed criminals;
to lose everything that has been built for so long with their own hands for themselves and their children; change the usual standard of living to a new city,
strangers and rented housing.

Almost every one of our volunteers lived in Kherson or the Kherson region before
the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

And that is why one of the priority areas of our activity is EVACUATION!!!

The unknown is scary, we understand… but being under fire is a hundred times worse.
Know that if the thought “maybe it’s worth leaving here” crept into your heart, it’s worth it.
Write to us, we are in touch 24/7, we will help you leave,

take out your children, relatives with limited mobility,

cats or dogs, and everything that keeps you in the line of fire.


To victory together. Your “DZIVA”

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