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The tragedy of the Kherson region shook the whole country, and forced to rethink the phrase “there is no other person’s grief”.
Someone reposts, someone donates, someone collects humanitarian aid, and someone evacuates people. And we appreciate everyone’s contribution🙏
It is not the first time Synergy Group organizes like-minded people around itself to help others, and today it is especially valuable❤️‍🩹
It is difficult to imagine how many people were mobilized and involved, because in such a short time, 2.5 tons of various humanitarian aid to the victims were transferred to the “Zhiva” headquarters!
Clothes, canned goods, diapers, toys, chemistry and hygiene – all this will be sent to the people of Kherson in the near future
We express our gratitude and deep respect:
BF “Pivdenna Stolytsia”
Together we can do more!

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