We need support

We’re Kherson charity organization, helping people of Kherson and Kherson region.

After the blow up of our major dam, thousands of people lost their homes. We’re doing all that we can day by day to save lives of people and animals, provide them with water, food, medicines.
We need support. If you feel for Ukraine, please, donate, this way we’ll cover the basic needs of those who we managed to save.


The the scale of the tragedy is indescribable: that’s a huge man-made ecological catastrophe, the consequences will influence the whole Europe for years. We need to unite!
In our stories you can see what we’re doing live. If you have any doubts, questions or ideas, if you belong to a charity organization in your country and can cowork with us, feel free to write us.


Below are our bank details:


Thank you in advance.

And please, share this information with your friends, colleagues, on social networks.

Let’s stay strong and protect our humanity together ❤️



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